Welcome To LA Samba School


Welcome to LA Samba School.

We are a Samba School based in Los Angeles. We are committed to spreading the Brazilian Culture to Southern California and beyond.

LA Samba School is a Los Angeles based Samba school. It’s members passion for the Brazilian Culture is what makes LA Samba School so dynamic.

They have taken inspiration from traditional Samba Schools serving the communities and neighborhoods of Brazil and brought that sense of unity and family here to the United States. We are dedicated to practicing and performing the Afro Brazilian beats of Samba.

The Los Angeles Samba School -
The L.A. Samba School is a diverse collection of musicians from all
over the world (Brazil, Japan, Germany, Mexico, Philippines, the
Middle East and the US),  dedicated to performing traditional and
contemporary Brazilian music. They have performed at numerous
Parades, Brazilian Carnavals, Clubs on major media, and at socially
aware and environmental events throughout Southern California.
They are especially proud of their outreach program providing free
after school samba drumming and dancing programs for inner city
youth through their “L.A. Intercultural Samba Kids” program.

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